Nexus connections

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  • Joint Online Service with washington ucc

    We will post on Facebook our combined service with Washington UCC on Saturday. Pastor Joe will lead the first half and Pastor Aaron the second half. Go to the Facebook page that our two churches have created as a platform for services, Bible studies and announcements. It's called A Place of Grace and you can find it at:

  • Sunday, may 8  - Connected by sacred scars

    We revisit the wonderful story of Honest Thomas, this time to delve into the deep truth it wants to teach us about our scars. We tend to cover up our scars and hide our woundedness from each other.

    In the story, the resurrected Jesus keeps his wounds and scars and uses them as a way of connecting with Thomas. Our wounds and scars also are a sacred means of connection to God and to one another. They become a means of grace if we allow it and work with it.

    We’ll discuss our scars Sunday during our service at 10 a.m. at the East Butler YMCA. 

  • Online Services - a place of grace

    Saturday May 21, 2022, Online Service, Pastor Joe

    Click on photo to view video.

  • online services - a place of grace  

    Saturday, May 21, 2022 Online Service Pastor Aaron

    Click on photo to view video.

  • High noon recovery church

    rev. dr. aaron maurice saari

    Welcome, friends, from wherever you are, to this moment in time when we come together as a people impacted by substance use and abuse, who connect with God as an act of sobriety and witness. I’m Pastor Aaron, and I’m a drug abuser and alcoholic in recovery. I’m glad to be here and I’m glad you are here as well. Please join me in our responsive Call to Worship. Click on photo to view video. 


    We started a “Church Chat” Zoom in the early weeks of the pandemic. It has evolved into a space for our young people to gather every Wednesday night from 7 p.m. to 8 p.m. and talk about whatever is happening in their lives. Let Pastor Joe know if you are interested in hopping onto one of the Zooms.

  • united church of christ - outreach to ukraine

    Heartland Conference of the United Church of Christ has a long-standing relationship with people in Ukraine through a sharing ministry. The conference – based in Ohio – is providing food and water to displaced Ukrainians in Transcarpathia. Donations may be made by clicking on the photo link.

  • faith alliance x-days - april 2022

    Our next project is the annual X-Days venture that provides chances to help needy members of our community. We’ll provide a variety of projects – some that can be done in-person, others from home – when we start the effort in AprilFor more information about The Faith Alliance go to

  • Hamilton Ohio Pride - SCHEDULED FOR Saturday June 4, 2022

    Hamilton Ohio Pride – of which Nexus is a founding partner – is planning for an outdoor celebration Saturday, June 4, 2022  For more information click on photo.

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