LICENSEd Pastor Joe kay

Joe has been a member of Nexus for six years and a UCC licensed minister for the last three. He has served two terms on the covenant council, including as chair. As a licensed minister, he helps with pastoral care, our interfaith activities and our weekly services. He also writes for Sojourners, an interfaith group dedicated to equality, social justice and the environment. Joe grew up in the '60s, believes in peace and grace, and loves the Beatles and Chicago.

Church Council

Below are some of the amazing people that helps keep the church running.

  • connie w. -  Chair

  • tiffany g. - Financial Secretary

  • Cindy S.- Secretary

additional staff and volunteers

  • laura b. - sound tech and web manager

    Laura has attended Nexus UCC for about two years and helps put together and run the sound system and web site. A native of Middletown and sorted into Gryffindor by the Pottermore Sorting Hat, she is a linguaphile, techie, and all-around nerd. Laura also has a heart for Stewardship, which is God's call to humanity in Genesis to be good stewards over the planet.